Getting Ahead in Head to Head; How LaStella got her groove back in Week 7.

 I remember this time when I wanted to take a break away from my job as a fantasy analyst and travel the world.  I had decided to take a trip with my friend to Jamaica.  As you can imagine, I had totally lost myself in the vacation and no longer had those feelings of remorse for recommending Tyler O’Neill, Javy Baez, and Joey Votto.  It was a clean slate as I had gone a good 6 weeks without even a late night text to any of my old “crushes”.  As I returned to the States, I got back into my old habits of chasing last weeks’ hero or the new rookie call-up.  

It was this behavior that caused me to slip into bad habits and questioning everything that I thought I had learned alongside my Razzball breatherin (and sisterin).  Then, just like that, there was a collective “snap” and I remembered that I have this handy article every week to keep me in check and keep me prepared.  It was like I ” got my groove back”!  Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever been to Jamaica, and I am pretty sure that Whoopi Goldberg isn’t a friend of mine? 

Oh well, so this was all a terrible dream, and an even worse story!  Luckily for you, this weeks’ edition of Getting Ahead in Head to Head will help you get your groove back!


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