Top 100 Hitters: The Full List

Over the past three weeks we have been working through the Top 25 (link), Top 50 (link) and Top 75 (link).  This week, we unveil the full list and fix all the mistakes of the past few weeks otherwise known as updating for any injury, job update or breakout during spring training.  This season, our Top 100 Hitters will be posted every other week and focus on what remains of the season.  That means, that while somebody like Lars Nootbar will inevitably start the season hot, that does not make him a top hitter on our list.  Alternatively, guys like Bryce Harper and Trevor Story are going to be creeping up the list as their returns draw near.  Without further ado, the final preseason installment has arrived in our Top 100 hitters for the 2023 fantasy baseball season.


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