Triston Casas, 2023 Fantasy Outlook

Here’s what I said last year about Triston Casas, “There’s likely a lot of factors that go into fantasy baseball prospects, but here’s two I look at:

1. Ready and it’s up to the club.

2. Not ready.

Frank Voila! That’s it! Well, maybe not it it, but it is close enough to it. That it is in the It Crowd. In the big broad, general sense. If the player is in the 2nd category, then I’m not going to cover them. It’s why we have Prospectors Itch and Hobbs. They’ll tell you the guys who will be ready, eventually. My job is to tell you the guys who are ready, then leave it up to the team on whether or not they’re going to promote them. Triston Casas aka The House of Triston, as he’s known to George RR Martin, is ready. Honestly, Triple-A is a way station, in general. If a guy is in Triple-A, he could be in the majors. There’s no more “learning” for Triple-A guys. Maybe some are just not good enough for the majors, so they sit in Triple-A for years, but even those guys are Quad-A guys, not Triple-A guys. See, there’s no such thing as Triple-A. You’ve been woke’d up. You’re welcome. This doesn’t mean the Red Sox will call up Triston Casas, just because he’s in Triple-A. But they could at any time.” And that’s me quoting me!

I quote that long passage because it annoys me so much, and I thought I’d annoy you too. You’re welcome! What were the Red Sox doing last year? I get it, manipulating service time, but when teams like the Red Sox are doing that, what hope do we have for a team like the Pirates? The Red Sox went to Yu Chang, Franchy Cordero, Eric Hosmer and do I have to continue with how terrible their 1st basemen were? It makes me sick. I have RedSoxbotcheditulism. Only cure of RedSoxbotcheditulism is they finally turn to Triston Casas this spring. So, what can we expect from Triston Casas for 2023 fantasy baseball?


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